You step into any grocery store and you are greeted with the warm buttery smell of fresh bread.  For 1 out of 4 of us, our inner 6 year old stomps their feet and pouts as we work our way past the display racks and on-wards towards our task at hand.

Living Gluten Free!

I am not going to pretend that it is easy.  I am not going to wave pom poms and tell you ‘anyone can do it’.  I certainly won’t ever deny that I miss my grandmother’s oven fresh buns with double double butter!.

Here is what I can and WILL tell you.    We can do it. I am going to do this with you, helping to share the survival tips for feeding a family without the North American Staples – Wheat, Rye, and Barley.

successGetting started is OVERWHELMING!
Mixed messages and high tech jargon keep even the best read nutritionists challenged and confused. That is why SIMPLE information, SIMPLE tips and SIMPLE recipes are what are needed.  Foods that KIDS will eat and Guests will love!

These are the days I am creating those memories and mouthwatering tastes for my Wheat Intolerant Boys.  Now are the days when they come in the door and race to the kitchen on the wings of sweet smelling wonder where the baked goods are eaten before they even hit a storage container.

Rich Dark Chocolate cupcakes with sweet fudge frosting, moist carrot cakes with creamy tangy icing, or apple spice cake with warm caramel (rum) drizzle.  Pan fried corn tortillas, home made fresh salsa and mounds of cheese and spiced hamburger.    On and on I could list the delicious foods that fill my family’s table.  And that is the plan – to list and share them with you!

So join us and follow as we share with you the foods, facts and survival tips to, not just getting by in but, enjoying the foods in a Wheat Free Family!