I had NO idea how to pick a homeschooling School to register with.  I had no idea how to create a curriculum or a rubric.  I had no idea what Traditional,  Montessori, Aligned, Balanced, or Unschooling meant.  Heck I had never heard of them let alone knew what made them each different and what was right for us.

Into the Woods Rain Rain Go AwayRainbows in the FlamesSunshine in the ShadowsSurpriseWe had one big blessing though that made the world a great place to start in.  We left it.

We left the safety of a roof over our head.  We left the luxury of high speed internet and reliable phone service.  We left the blinking screens of Tv’s and game systems.  We left the luxury of flush toilets.  We went Gypsy.

We found each other.  In the quiet void that all the crazy world drowned us with we heard the laughter, fears and comforts of each other.  We got to know each other as people and less as family responsibilities.  We worked together, slept together, ate together and played together.  And in all that do you know what I found out?

I like my kids.  Not just because they are mine but because as little humans they are damn neat people.  I wouldn’t give that up for all the flush toilets in china.  ( maybe that’s a bad example. LOL)


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