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Is Strangely even a word?  My instinct is to type it Strangle-y but that might be just because it’s summer and the kids are out! CHEX!  Yes.  I have been hearing on the chatter that CHEX is and has been Gluten free for years and, like Duncan Hines, ONLY available […]

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That is our new term.  It’s like Edjamacated but it’s Learnded. Dman seems to struggle with the whole pancake recipe following thing. Yes, he is 14.  Yes he is literate.  Still, there is something about the measurements that turn invisible behind the numbers.  Primarily with baking powder and baking soda. We have […]

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Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5! This is our 5th Year hosting our Wheat Free Pancake breakfast but Pancakes aren’t all you will find. Rain or shine we will be having some activities for the kids and more food than you can loosen your belt for. […]

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Yesterday I posted about alcohol… Last night I drank it!   Yup, a going away party for a Brazillian chap was a good enough excuse to enjoy the FIRST really summer feeling evening in weeks.  Jugs of Mojitos and Dirty Mojitos ( spiced rum) circled around the table and topped […]

It’s summer. A perfect time for Blue Paradises, Mojitos and Mr. Mike’s Double Double Martinis. BUT Can we have them? Isn’t alcohol, such as Shmirnoff Vodka, made from grains and thus NOT gluten free?

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He launched from the chair and bellowed ” MOM! MOM! Those GREEEEN things are on TV! THEY cook with them too!” I looked up in time to see avocados being sliced into a piled high grilled sandwich. I grinned.

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Each Wednesday we set the weathered wooden box out on the door step and eagerly wait.  I seem to miss the event each time but MAGICALLY the crate becomes filled with lush seasonal vegetables.  Murray of Dragon Mountain Farms organizes and delivers to us these wonderful delights!  ( Yes, my boys call […]

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Living Gluten Free can be a grey and isolated experience. Being told that you will never again be able to lick your fingers after a sticky maple glazed donut is a heart breaking prospect. There are two things that turn this bleak existance around for me.

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For some people, even coming in contact with wheat can cause epic rashes and reactions so with summer here…. Ya. Lotions and sprays start to come into question. Sunscreens? Sadly… yes, many!

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Ever wondered how much of that Xanthum Gum to use?  Here is a quick rule of thumb. For every cup of wheat-free/gluten-free flour use: Cakes – ½ teaspoon Xanthan/guar gum Pizza & Breads – 1 teaspoon Xanthan/guar gum Cookies (most of them) – ½ teaspoon to no xanthan/guar gum   […]