Well, this is my first week of three Single Parenting it.  With Darling Hubby away we are down to one chauffeur and three kids worth of activities!  Our ‘Wild Wednesdays’ are going to begin on Monday I think.  Truly a K.I.S.S. week!

So, This weeks Menu Round up from the Menu Plan Monday Swap is hosted by the Celiac Family .  Being American and their Thanksgiving coming up, the ‘secret’ ingredient to inspire is Cranberry.  I think it is long enough since our Thanksgiving and far enough to Christmas to be able to use this ingredient liberally without the family rolling their eyes and grabbing car keys to eat elsewhere!

Monday – Maple Cranberry Chicken Breasts with Rice and Broccoli

Tuesday – Cranberry Pepper Pork Loin Roast, spinach salad.

Wednesday – Pasta and Cheese!

Thursday – Broiled White fish with green salad and cranberry salad dressing

Friday – Spaghetti and Meat sauce, green salad

Snacks and Baking:

Lemon Cranberry muffins, dark chocolate brownies and Crispy Rice Squares

PS.  The brownies are to celebrate our first snow fall this week!  Didn’t stick around but it was there!

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