Dear Friends and Family,

I am starting my own Youtube Channel, I do have a starter recording software called Bandicam. I will most likely be making a Studio in the office or my Mom’s Art studio, or somewhere that has quite a bit of Light. My channel will have 1 or 2 videos posted a week, and will be mostly Gaming or Entertainment.  I will also be playing with my little brother Gabe on a few different games like Garry’s Mod,Unturned,Cry of Fear, and more.

Some of you may be worried about my safety, But there is no need to worry, because I have reviewed the Rules and Privacy policy of being a youtuber.

  1.  Make sure you are comfortable with the videos you have posted or going to post
  2. If you have videos that you don’t want certain people to see, it might not be a good idea to post them
  3. Know what type of Content you want to record and/or post
  4. :Don’t just post a video because someone told you or asked you to
  5.  Make sure you want to post the video, you never know who might Repost or share it.


We have also made Home Recording rules;

  1.  For the first Three Months or first 12 Videos, can only be seen by Friends and Family only
  2.  Have a Suitable room for recording
  3.  Mom or Dad must Preview the video before it is Posted.
  4.  I must have permission from anyone/everyone in the Video.
  5. We do not use Anyone’s real Name or Addresses.

In Conclusion,

I hope to hear feedback from anyone who chooses to. (this means you (Specifically))

Sincerely Jackskull

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