I love my kids and, for the most part, homeschooling has brought us closer together.  There.  I have covered my butt.  Now the rest of the story.

There are days where the love may not be enough to save their hides and where the F-bomb falls from this mothers lips as an indicator of the last nerve snapping.  These are not the days of glory.  These are not the days where are gets added to the home gallery or where we triumphantly whoop when a unit gets completed. These are the days where you are having to decide what fights are worth being Tha Waterloo.

Today’s was over mowing the lawn and trying to gently train a Husky Lab x Rottweiler to not be afraid of a set of power sheers.  Neither of these are Nobel Peace prize issues but they are more around the challenge of work quality and ethics.

So instead of having to buy more lye (for soap making of course) I decided to get us OUT.  15 minute warning call and we pulled out of the garage and pointed the car south-west. 

The Chain Lakes Provincial Park is not far.  The lack of smooth beach is made up for by the great rocks and shale to explore, the cool winds, and the lushest  green hills this side of Ireland. (I would guess… having never been to Ireland. YET!) 


Explorers laughing

The boys are exploring and talking about rocks and hydro dams and I am connecting to the earth.  Breathing in the fresh air, sung to by frogs, caressed by evening sunshine, and supported by the ever present and patient ground. 

The kids will live for another day.


Today's collection for art

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