That's Love

Every spring I get the renewal notification for my website hosting package.  Every spring I try to decide if I will ACTUALLY write the upcoming 12 months.  I think it is more the archived memories that keeps me renewing than the actual commitment to pound the keys and express myself.

Dare I trumpet that this year will be different?  Sure.

That's LoveThe Plan for the remaining 6 months of 2016:

  1. Add an art section
  2. Have the spawn add to the homeschooling section
  3. Do weekly recipes for Charla ;)
  4. Do some backdating of events and information that have been sitting in draft form for way too long.
  5. Oh!  And actually publish some of those photos that I haven’t been processing from my camera

The old adage is that you make time for what is important to you.  This is important to me and I can make time for it.

  • Logs off to wave pompoms of pep-talk at the boys!

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