'I take it you'd like the traditional, 'flushing down the toilet' service?'

“I wanna have a GOOD funeral” he says.  Another fish has gone to meet his maker.  This one was a doozer.  A Beta that got sick ( silver gills ) and we treated for 2 days only to lose him at the end.

“what do you consider not-so-dark?”  We brainstormed.  Post funeral snacks were mentioned.  This consisted of choclate in many forms.  I avoided suggesting red jube jube fishes.

“What about your eulogy?”  I attempted to redirect back to thoughts.  ” He was a good fish.  We are sad to have not caught his illness in time.  He was always roaming around in the tank…”  His eyes got teary.

“what about his good days before he got sick?  What did you really like about Bronze?”  Who knew that fish deaths would be this challenging.  ” Well, he was calm for a fighter fish.  Peaceful and quiet.  Each morning I loved watching him eat and he always said ‘Hi’ in bubbly fish speak.”

“How can we say good-bye?”  The child groaned.  ” Mom, you seriously aren’t putting this on the website are you?”  I tried not to laugh. Apparently, he knows me well!

Farewell, Bronze.  You will always hold a place of Gold in a child’s tender heart.