I have been working on cakes.  LOTS of cakes.   October was cake cake cake!  Then I realised, while I had shared those delights and successes with others ( as you will see below) I did not archive them here for my own use.  Consider that corrected.

October 20, 2008 10:44:24 AM

Good morning.

So I "hear" wheat is now OUT of your diet.   Trust me… not easy and I applaud you for making the daily hard decisions to make this happen.  
I am a mother of three boys ( 11, 7 and 4 ) and WE don’t eat wheat.  Each of us have different reactions to it but sum it up to say  " Wheat is BAD" in our world, " as welcome as arsenic".   What do kids love?   Cookies!  Cakes!  and I am a sucker for sweet breads and pastries.  
While I have not found adequate substitutes for the pastries yet, the cakes and cookies have become my "bag of tricks".   Now, being a mother of three and a very BUSY outside the home mom at that, it is more important to me to Get a Cake on the Table than to make it all from scratch.   
Celimix  and Kinnikinak are two companies here in Canada that do Celiac cake mixes. Here are a few tricks and " recipies" that I have modified up that is going down AMAZINGLY, not just with my boys… but with my Double – income- no – kids friends.  ( I have having to make excuses for texture and loss of taste!  Wheat free does not have to be taste free.)

(3 cake recipes inserted here)
Good luck!


If anyone doesn’t know who Chris and Steve are?  Designer Guys !  Steve recently found out he can’t eat wheat which was particularly upsetting because ( yes you will read this right)  his mom would bring him cake to the set every day.   ( cough cough.. momma’s boy cough cough). I do understand though the impact that wheat free has on family traditions.  THAT is when it becomes a cruel allergy.

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