Has it really been that long since I posted?  *shrugs*  Not truly surprised.  Months without WiFi, in house showers, or separate bedrooms for each family member makes blogging fall way down the priority list.  But we have landed.  Our furnishings have arrived like long lost airline luggage.  As far as each of us, though, we are feeling like the worst case of jet lag ever and lets not talk about the turbulence!

Morning JoeJuly 13th had the boys and I move into the poor old 5th wheel.  A 5th wheel that needs some explaining.  I never wanted the cursed thing.  I had LONG ago said I would not camp with the boys ever again NOT because ( as popular opinion would have it) due to discomfort of sleeping or bugs or dirt but because I had been-there-done-that with them since they were babies.  Diapers and tents are disgusting, crawling and tents are crazy, and toddlers and tents are tenuous!  So one rain sodden middle-of-the-night-moment I dug my feet calf deep in the mud, raised my filthy clenched fist ( the other one was clinging to a wailing child) and swore to the Gods ( and hubby) that I would NOT return to camping until they could ( language warning) wipe their own asses and forage for themselves!  That THIS cinderella was DONE!

This lasted for a few glorious years.  Weekends started to become like in-house spa weekends as the Male Bonding Times had hubby and the three boys head out on Friday and return yawning and bedraggled Sunday afternoons.  True I was still doing the packing up and unpacking BUT I wasn’t doing the childminding and child-chasing all weekend!  What a ray of hope that gave me.  Then we moved…
Dishwater JoysThe small town BC brought hubby back to his home town connections.  New coworkers and old school chums raised their hands in ” DUDE!!!” greetings and exchanged the ” lets go do something” invitations that led to weekend camping as couples.  Should I say… the OTHERS went as couples.  I still held to my “I don’t camp” declarations.  Ahhh… Peer pressure.  The glorious force behind many a bad decision!  Next thing I know I am standing in a knee high field of wild grass eyeballing a great-price deal.  An old 5th wheel that was still ‘structurally sound’. Hubby’s eyes danced like he was 8 and it was Christmas morning.  I sighed… and caved.

For 2 years that trailer sat in the back yard.  There was some frustrations and delays at the beginning due to finding proper rails for mounting the hitch into the truck, and then replacing water tanks, awnings, and hot water pilot lights ( which was never truly resolved) but it did see a couple of excursions with The Menfolk but never me.  I happened to, just coincidentally, have contracts that required me to be out of town on those weekends.  I know!  Shocking and disappointing !  Shocking and disappointing!

BreakfastWhich brought us up to July 13th where, for the first time ever I hooked up the trailer to the truck ( I may have dropped the trailer once!  HEY!  It was only once!), loaded up kids and dogs, and headed north.  I swear I was waiting to be the next Facebook fail thread with my truck and trailer in an unnatural arrangement of separation somewhere along the highway with men failing to hide their laughter at the ” stupid woman driver” and woman groaning in commiseration at the chaos.  Surprisingly, we made it to the campsite without incident.  I allowed the muscles in my backside relax.  I swear I held that trailer to the truck the whole way by clenching my… backside.

Kitchen, Dining Room AND Living RoomThe rest of the summer can not be held in a single post but sum it up to say – It was one hell of an adventure.  October 1 found us standing in an empty living room of our new home.  It would be another 3 weeks before we got our furnishing and, if you notice today’s date, another fair chunk of time to feel that there was time to surface to the world of more than survival level needs.  The trailer may have cooked the truck’s motor, the dogs may have decided they need to sleep with us every night permanently, and the child may have forgotten what a morning alarm sounds like but we learned a lot!  A lot about what needs truly are, a lot about what the world is like offline, and a lot about our selves.

Would I do it again if I was asked?  I don’t know.  I am not saying NO, but I am not saying ” Yee Haw Lets Go!” either.  In the end the good outweighed the bad and I found out a lot about how strong and ingenious I can be but it was out of necessity.  Time will tell if I do it again out of choice.

Until then…  WOOT for in house showers!

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