” EASY EASY! You have enough, hun.  Your plate is already Syrup Soup!”  But I have to admit that, if no one was looking, I would have done the same JUST so that I could trail my fat BBQ’d sausages through the sugary goodness.


Waffles, pancakes, bacon and 3 kinds of sausage.  Blueberries, raspberries, and garden picked strawberries all to go along with the EPIC bowl of whipped cream. Coffee, juices and Fruit Cake?   You bet!  The entire morning was fantastic.  A great crowd showed up, friends and family alike, and once again the sounds of ” these are just Great Pancakes… not great for Gluten Free… but just GREAT PERIOD.”  Was heard often.

“This is my 5th helping!” Says one 6 year old with her fingers and face covered in icing sugar and syrup.

What more is there to say other than… See you next year! Same bat time, Same bat channel.

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