I have been struggling with this old website lately as I try to breathe creative life into a box of code and techno garble.  There are moments where I start to wonder if it’s worth it. ” Seriously, does anyone other than my mother read this thing?”  ( Don’t get me wrong.. I appreciate you Mom… but I know you would read a crayola macaroni poster if I made one !)  I begin to doubt that even the sporadic investment of writing and posting is worth it to anyone but me.

Then one of YOU tell me otherwise.

I was sitting at the computer this evening with my eyes glazed over, my head in my hands and said a quick prayer to please guide me to someone who can help me change my family over to a gluten-free diet that they will eat. I did one more Google search and pow! There you were! I’ve printed your shopping list. I’ve read the encouragement, and I believe you when you say I can do it and you will help me.
I’ve just recently learned that three of my children and my husband have gluten intolerance. We LOVE bread. Nice, squishy, white, probably-give-you-diabetes bread. Lots of it. *sigh*
I have a good gluten-free muffin recipe that taste like normal, white flour muffins, so we eat those almost everyday, but eventually, a sandwich would be nice. I was so excited to have finally gotten together a menu that I can actually afford and then, all of a sudden, most of it is on the naughty list. Where do I start?
– Jennifer
So Jennifer, and the others out there like her, THANK YOU!  You are the inspiration that keeps me writing, reading and remembering that I too sat, one dark lonely night many years ago, and searched for ANY hope that I could to what I thought impossible.  Tonight you gave me hope that THIS is worth it.
Here’s to hope!
PS.  I did also answer her!  You will have to wait for those words later!

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