We have become die hard Udi product followers ever since we discovered it shortly after it’s release at the Chicago food fair.  Soft, fluffy, REAL bread became a staple in our home again.  I turned my head away from all the previous companies that were doing their best at creating a near proximity to the white sugary carb goodness and basked in the reliability of Udi.

I have been hearing about Kinnikinnik again.  Their brand name surfacing in more and more circles.  They were the favored choice, prior to the golden goodness of Udi, but I had not tried it in years.  Standing in the grocery aisle of Safeway, staring at the Kinnikinnik donuts desperately fighting the impulse to get their sweet sinful chocolate delights, I decided it was time to give them another chance.  I picked up a loaf.

My first thought was ” hmmm new packaging… and ooooo  soft!”  and I felt hope.  I brought it home and immediately put it to the Manitoba Farm Girl test.   A simple slice, un-toasted, with butter.  Holy Hell if it didn’t pass!  Fluffy, firm, non-granular, and a butter outer crust.  WOOOT!

So, thumbs up ( once I put the bread down) to Kinnikinnik for once again stepping up their game and bringing amazing goods!   Pizza Crusts, donuts and fluffy bread!  You have no idea the difference you make in my family’s lives!

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