Man…  mixed feelings about being back at the homestead.

The kitchen is an emotional and physical challenge.   It is laden with foods who’s list of ingredients has sugar in the first or second position.  Foods that are laden in unhealthy fats ( smokies, cheeze whiz… etc)   and foods sincerely lacking in foods that inspire or engage my interests.  “The First 48 Hours” is more than a TV show to me now… it’s like a walk through the valley of darkness!

So I launched into Domestic Dominance and got the kefirs and sour dough going.  Minimal success there.  The sour dough is being lethargic and my kefir was..  successful?  So I attacked the fridge.  Scrub bucket on one side and garbage pail on the other, I purged.  Hubby had been fantastic and the crispers were full of veggies and fruit but that is the best I can say about the appliance.   The worst I can say?  The soya sauce had been bumped at the back of the fridge at some unknown date and had left a layer of dark tar along the back recesses of coldness.  That all resolved, the garbage pail brimming with out of date or ‘nasty’ items and the wash bucket a muddied sludge, the fridge showed signs of pride.  It gave me some confidence.

The rain is coming down in it’s own bucket loads today and the children were walking home.  I took a moment to debate the merrits of being ” good mom” and driving to pick them up at the bus stop or ‘facilitating mom’ and allowing them to walk home without the jackets I had advised them to wear this morning.  The latter won out but I thought I would ease the grumbles with tea and fresh cookies.   What cookies though?  Something that stays on the Low GI, sugar free, wheat free but FAST criteria.  What the heck… I ‘wung it’.

Chocolate Consolements.

1 1/2 c      Rice Sourdough starter
1/4 c         Flax seed
1/2 c         Xylotol
2                  eggs
1 1/2 tsps   baking powder
3/4 c         Cocoa
1 C              Dates, crumbled
1/2 c         Raisins

Combine and drop by tablespoon mounds on parchment paper.   Bake at 350′ for 12 minutes.
Yeilds: 24 ish cookies

Roarke ( age 10 )  purred and nom nom nommed, then asked for more!
Gabe ( age 6)  VERY VERY good…   ” can I have another then?”
Me? –  Moist warm mounds of guilt free chocolate.  Would absolutely serve to my mother in law ” wink”.


The only downside to the cookies are the high sugar dates and raisins.  My goal is to get them switched over to stevia and nuts as flavor.  Until then…  transition is good and the cookies are awesome!

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