The Mamas & The Papas seemed a little conflicted when they sang about Mondays and I don’t blame them.  Part of me LOVES this day to get reorganized, have a cup of coffee without interruption and to find the floor in the kid’s room after a weekend of Busy!  Then there is the part of me that just wants to crawl back into bed and wait until it’s Tuesday!

BUT… it’s prep day.  Menus to do, laundry to clean and schedules to organize!

Monday Menu Swap’sGluten-Free Smiles ‘Secret’ Ingredient this week is GARLIC!   Like THAT would be hard to work into this house’s meal plan!  I don’t think I replace another SINGLE seasoning more than I do Garlic!  It hits everything from mashed potatoes to pork burgers!

Day Meal Side 1 Side 2
Monday Monti Cristos Wild Grn Salad
Tuesday Calzones Cesar Salad
Wednesday Burgers Sliced Tomatos, Lettuce Fried Mushrooms
Thursday Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Garlic Toast Mixed Greens Salad
Friday White Fish with Garlic Butter Asparagus Brown Rice
Saturday Must-gos!

So with this week’s Garlic-y Menu drafted, I will refill my coffee cup and get to work on the recipes.  Watch for link ups and more info as the week moves forward.

Enjoy your Monday Monday!


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