We refer to ourselves as ” The Irish Horde”.

6309406537_03d865905d_z A dynamic homeschooling unit of ever-moving boys with the Evil Queen mother.  (self dubbed and proud of it!)  We have a strong belief in family, friends and great times.  Not surprisingly, those usually involve FOOD in some fashion!  Even Tha Baby knows that when company’s company there will be extra awesome munchies to be had.

I am married to an amazing man who bravely risks all for his family, lives the motto of work hard & play hard  and who has a contagious laugh .  The most wondrous thing about this man, aside from his willingness to live Wheat Free by choice, is how soft his hands are when they touch my cheek.  OH!  and he loves burnt cookies!  What more could a woman ask for?

The majority of those in our social circle are not celiac but they deserve a salute for their support, adventurous palates and open encouragement for our  food styles!  This makes their support beyond amazing  as they join us as we challenge the science of Gluten Free Foods and quest for tasty treats.

Loved by many! Adored by a select few… it’s so hard to be me! * oscar award-winning sigh*

Our Goal

“Welcome to a whole new world of baking, where beans can be used as flour, ingredients are often added in reverse order, and wheat is as welcome as rat poison.”

Bette Hagman, Author of “The Gluten-Free Gourmet”

Living in a day and time with processed foods and fast paced lives, it is quite a kink to throw into the works when an allergy pops up!  Being Wheat Intolerant is as clear as mud!  It’s like celiac, it’s like gluten free, it’s like a whole lot of things but not at the same time.

This blog is here to:

 share our findings and tools while helping bring fantastic AFFORDABLE foods back into the kitchen for our family and friends.  In our kitchen we are free of all cereal grains and their components.  This includes Oats, Rye, Spelt, Barley, and the ever pervasive Wheat.

I am here to:

help translate and uncloak this Rat Pack of Grains. The food industry are ’sneaky bastards’, as my grandfather would say, and have found a myriad of words that mask Grains and their components that are added to products.   ” Natural Flavor”, “seasonings” and ” starch” while true in a literal sense, does seem just deceptive by nature!

We are here to:

live life, and every nummy meal in it, to the fullest!  Richly, indulgently  and sure as hell sinfully!  So let’s  bring on the chocolate cake and plan on eating it too!

So welcome to my world of Rants and Ramblings, challenges and choices, perspectives and pouts  all around the struggles of running and raising a Wheat Free Family.

This page is not to be taken as medical advice:
No information on this page or website should be taken as medical advice. Before starting any food exclusion diet you MUST consult your General Practitioner and/or Paediatrician together with a registered Dietician.